Quantitative & Science Center

F&M’s Quantitative and Science Center (Q&SC) provides help with selected courses in math, biology, chemistry, physics, economics, business, computer science, psychology, and statistics. Q&SC tutors are students who have already taken the courses for which they tutor and have been recommended and approved by the respective departments. 


Through peer-to-peer help, you will “learn how to learn” science and quantitative content, building problem-solving skills, enhancing study skills, and mastering course content — no matter your academic background, level, and goals.

Getting Started with Tutoring

Courses and Tutoring Options


3 Easy Steps!

1).  Make sure you have filled out a Tutoring Contract for the semester.  Tutoring Contract

2.) Review the options table (on the left) and decide which type of tutoring you are interested in.

3.) Use the Q&SC Scheduler to either make an appointment, check the Drop In schedule, or find the Quest session for your class section.

View the Q&SC scheduler

Note that Scheduler access is limited to F&M students only and can also be accessed from MyDiplomat.


More Information About the Types of Tutoring We Offer

Tutoring Appointments

Meet one-on-one with a tutor.

You can meet with a tutor individually to ask questions and receive help in any trouble areas.  Upon request, an appointment can be repeated for all the weeks of a semester to create a regular weekly session.

How to Make an Appointment

The Scheduler displays the courses and tutors each day down the left side, with that tutor's availability indicated by the white boxes. Click one at a time that works for you and a window will pop up to set up the appointment. If you would like to meet regularly every week, you can set that up with the tutor at the meeting.

Drop-in Tutoring

Just walk in, no advance appointment necessary.

Drop-in tutoring is designed for students who have specific questions, are having difficulty understanding a concept, or need tutoring on an irregular basis.  You can arrive and leave at any time during the scheduled session time.

Drop-in tutoring is a time when you can come without an appointment and meet with a tutor. Demand varies depending on the day of the week and time in the semester, so you may be the only student at a drop-in session or there may be a group of students.

You can attend drop-in sessions for a number of subjects, including biology, chemistry, physics, economics, BOS, and computer science.  

How to Drop-In

The Scheduler displays the courses, locations, and tutors down the left, with the drop-in hours indicated by the white boxes. If you are coming to tutoring in-person, just go to the room indicated during drop-in hours and the tutor will help you out.

View the Q&SC schedule

QuEST Group Sessions

Tutor-led activities to help you master the content.

QuEST, or Quantitative Extra Study Time, are group study sessions for students in select biology, chemistry and BOS classes. QuEST sessions help reinforce and clarify the material covered in class. Because our leaders sit in on lectures and work closely with the professor to plan sessions, they have a clear understanding of what the professor emphasizes and what is important to review and practice. The leader acts as a facilitator. Leaders do not teach material, but rather organize activities that get you thinking about the material in new ways, questioning yourself and one another. Leaders also form activities and discussions about learning styles, study techniques, and test preparation and reflection.


How is QuEST different from peer tutoring?

QuEST leaders sit in on the class and plan their sessions based on the material currently covered in class. Questions and information covered during peer tutoring sessions is up to the students who attend the session and therefore is more open ended.

What if the QuEST sessions aren't held when I can attend?

Your QuEST leader will take a poll during the first week of class to determine the best dates and times for the most people in the class. If it turns out that the weekly sessions conflict with your schedule, please make use of other resources such as weekly appointment tutoring and/or drop-in.

How should I prepare for a QuEST session?

For QuEST sessions you should look over your notes beforehand to refresh your memory about what information was covered during the previous lecture. Be sure to also complete any readings and work on problems beforehand and come prepared with any questions you may have. As with tutoring sessions, bring your notes, books, and any other resources. For importantly, come prepared to participate. The success of QuEST depends on the drive of the students.

How to Join QuEST

Just like drop-ins, the Scheduler lists the rooms and times for all QuEST sessions; you can simply show up in person at the designated location and time.

View the Q&SC schedule



Check out our FAQs!  You can also reach us at qsc@fandm.edu.


Frequently Asked Questions

How should I prepare for a tutoring session?

You should prepare for a tutoring session by planning out what you would like to discuss or receive help with. Write down questions ahead of time or circle problems you are having trouble with. During tutoring sessions, you guide the tutoring process. You should also make an ample effort beforehand to read all your assignments and attempt to answer each question or homework problem. It is important that you bring all applicable notes and books with you since the tutor may not have them available.

Do I have to pay for tutoring?

No, tutoring services are free to any student enrolled at Franklin & Marshall College.

Does my professor know if I have a tutor?

Your professor's knowledge of the session is up to you. When you attend a tutoring session you will be required to sign a tutee contract in which you can give your tutor permission to provide your professor with feedback about the session.

Who can help me with time management and study skills?

The Student Resources tab has some basic information on time management and study skills. You can also come to the Quantitative Science Center for more information and suggestions from our tutors. In addition, your professor can offer advice if your questions are specific to a certain class.

Can I apply for a tutor even if I'm doing well in the course?

Yes, any student may utilize tutorial services. Even if you are doing well in the course, you are welcome to schedule a tutoring session to ask questions, receive help with time management and study skills, or to receive clarification on course material.

How large are tutoring groups?

We start out by keeping weekly tutoring one-on-one unless students request to be in a group. However, based on demand for tutors we may have to form small groups throughout the semester. These groups will be kept to no more than 3 students, all of whom are in the same section of the course.


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