Office of the President

Office of the President

The Office of the President work to support the mission and strategic priorities of the College by advocating for education and the liberal arts and guiding the day-to-day operations of Franklin & Marshall. Barbara K. Altmann, Ph.D., began her duties as the 16th president of Franklin & Marshall in August 2018.

President's Welcome

Franklin & Marshall offers a tremendous combination of the venerable and the contemporary. Our college is one of the oldest in the country, founded in 1787, in the early years of the nation. But it also has developed a wealth of programs and initiatives designed to launch our students into 21st-century lives of success and significance.

Those talented students, who come to us from across the country and around the world, work side by side with our accomplished faculty in a true liberal arts curriculum, producing research an scholarship of impact. Together, they explore the cutting edge of knowledge, setting new standards of academic excellence in an inclusive, supportive, and engaged community that values each student's individuality.

Our faculty mentors provide students with a personalized education, encouraging them to discover and expand their abilities, exceeding their own expectations. We value the common good and succeed together, working to solve intractable changes and realize creative potential.

I am humbled and honored to be the president of Franklin & Marshall, an inspiring, nationally recognized liberal arts college that sends into the world the kind of citizens and leaders it most needs: confident, hard-working and adaptable problem solvers.

Barbara K. Altmann, Ph.D.

Messages to the Community

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F&M's Commitment to Holistic Admissions and a Diverse Community

F&M's Strategic Plan

The L&AD strategic plan reflects our high aspirations for F&M and has been designed for successful implementation over the next five years.

Board of Trustees

Alumni, parents and friends committed to a stronger F&M.

Senior Leadership

Senior leadership oversees F&M's major administrative and operational functions.