Office of Sponsored Research

Director: René Muñoz

Shadek Fackenthal Library, Room 211

Phone: 717-358-7100

Our Mission

The Office of Sponsored Research at Franklin and Marshall is a hub for facilitating and enhancing the college's engagement with external sponsors and supporting our faculty, researchers and students to in their pursuit of discoveries and transformative scholarship. We are focused on suporting faculty and student excellence by providing comprehensive support throughout the sponsored programs lifecycle. We are dedicated to creating an environment encouraging creativity, exploration, and the generation of new ideas while ensuring compliance with regulations, promoting ethical practices, and maintaining the highest standards of integrity.

Our Commitments:

    1. Catalyze Discovery: By connecting our faculty with external sponsors and facilitating the development of competitive proposals, we aim to accelerate the creation of knowledge addressing complex global challenges.
    2. Enable Innovation: We strive to create an environment encouraging innovation, enabling enable researchers and students to translate their discoveries into real-world solutions, fostering in intellectual growth and societal impact.
    3. Facilitate Engagement: Our office serves as a bridge between the college and external sponsors, facilitating productive relationships and effective communication. We are committed to establishing partnerships supporting long-term collaboration and mutual benefit.
    4. Ensure Compliance:  We provide guidance, training, and oversight to ensure that sponsored projects are conducted with integrity and in accordance with all relevant policies and regulations.
    5. Empower Success:  By offering comprehensive support services, from research and proposal development to post-award administration, we empower the college community to focus on what they do best: advancing knowledge and driving positive change.

Our Vision:

The OSR will work to position Franklin and Marshall as a leader in research, creativity and scholarship commitmed to advancing knowledge through groundbreaking work in every academic discipline represented at the College. Through excellence, integrity, and innovation, the OSR will help shape the future of research, education, and discovery at Franklin and Marshall.