Division of Legal Affairs

The Division of Legal Affairs serves the Franklin & Marshall community by providing a unified and centralized mechanism for legal/regulatory guidance and risk mitigation.

Comprising the Office of General Counsel, Department of Public Safety, Title IX and ADA Compliance, and Environmental Health, Safety & Risk Management, Legal Affairs supports the mission of the College by ensuring higher education regulatory compliance and serving as collaborative business partners who provide solutions-oriented advice to foster sound decision making in all College operations. The Division of Legal Affairs’ ultimate goal is to create a safe campus environment by proactively engaging with the community to mitigate and manage risk through education, support and guidance.

Office of General Counsel

Provides advice and legal counsel to the College community. Works with administrators and staff to mitigate legal risk; Manages the response to all legal disputes; Retains and manages all outside legal counsel; Oversees the College policy process; Co-leads the Compliance Council.

Department of Public Safety

An accredited, armed law enforcement agency that works collaboratively to make the College community a safe environment for living and learning. Encompasses 20 sworn police officers and 4 security officers; Upholds a Community Policing philosophy.

Title IX and ADA Compliance

Ensures College-wide compliance with Title IX, VAWA, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, and other relevant laws. Investigates all Title IX complaints of sexual misconduct; Investigates student complaints of discrimination.

Environmental Health, Safety & Risk Management

Ensures compliance and minimizes risk with the goal to protect the health and safety of members of the College community. Manages F&M’s insurance portfolio; Manages the environmental health and safety program; Co-leads the Compliance Council.