OCS Financial & Scholarship Information

Reference the guidelines and videos below to learn more about the billing and financial aid policies for students studying off campus for a summer or semester. We work in collaboration with the F&M Student Accounts Office and the Office of Financial Aid. If you have any questions related to those specific areas, you can find information below to contact them directly.


Semester Tuition Fees (Invoiced by F&M)

For programs taking place during the academic year, students will be invoiced for their normal F&M tuition and in turn, F&M will pay the off-campus study program's tuition.

Families who wish to use the monthly payment plan through Tuition Management Systems (TMS) may do so for tuition fees billed by F&M.

Semester Non-tuition Fees (Invoiced by Program)

All other non-tuition fees (program fees, housing, insurance, etc.) for semester programs will be invoiced directly from the program and not F&M. These costs are not included in F&M's tuition and are therefore not included on the F&M tuition bill. Students are responsible for paying these program-invoiced, non-tuition fees directly to their program.

Non-tuition fees that are paid to the host program cannot be included in the Tuition Management Systems (TMS) monthly plan. Contact the program directly to determine if they offer a monthly plan for payment of non-tuition fees.

Semester Additional Estimated Fees

Additional Tuition Fees:

During the academic year, the cost for field trips, study tours, and labs that are a required part of a course taken for credit in an off-campus study program will be paid for by Franklin & Marshall as part of tuition. (There are some restrictions regarding study tours with DIS.) Discuss these options with your OCS Advisor to fully understand what costs will be covered by your tuition.

Additional Non-Tuition Fees:

Students should also expect to budget for items not included in the fees invoiced by the program. These can include passport fees, visa fees, immunizations, travel to/from program site, books, meals, phone, and personal travel and expenses. Students are encouraged to view estimates of these additional costs, which are available on the program webpages or can be provided by the program. Students are also encouraged to disclose budgetary concerns with the OCS Advisor in order to be directed to programs with more affordable non-tuition costs and lower costs of living.

Program Deposits

For summer and semester programs, all students will pay any required program deposits directly to the off-campus study program. F&M does not pay program deposits on a student's behalf.

Applying F&M Financial Aid to Semester Programs

During the academic year, students will continue to be eligible for their normal financial aid package (except work/study) during the semester off campus. This includes loans and gift aid received from federal, institutional and state sources. Your annual estimated family contribution as generated by your FAFSA will remain the same regardless of program costs.

Students who receive Grant-in-Aid benefits will continue to access these benefits for the semester off campus. This benefit is only available to students of eligible full-time F&M faculty and staff. Students who receive Tuition Exchange benefits will continue to access these benefits for the semester off campus.

Students whose financial aid award exceeds the amount of F&M tuition will be sent a refund, which should be used to pay the non-tuition fees billed by the student's program. Refunds are typically released approximately two weeks after the start of F&M's semester, and refunds will be direct deposited into the student's bank account or mailed to the student's home address if direct deposit is not set up. If you wish to have the refund mailed to another address, contact the F&M Student Accounts office (see contact information below).

Additional Scholarships

In addition to the financial aid you typically receive from F&M, you may be eligible for additional scholarships. Please see the OCS Scholarships & Grants section below for a list of potential scholarships for off-campus study summer and semester programs. The sources listed are not exhaustive but do offer a wide range of scholarship possibilities. Many scholarships have early deadlines, so be sure to start early and plan accordingly. Consult your OCS Advisor for guidance and more information.

Please note that any outside scholarship must be reported to the Office of Financial Aid at Franklin & Marshall and may change the amount of aid you receive from the College.

Summer Program Costs & Billing

Students participating in off-campus study programs during the summer term will be billed for the full cost of the program by the program. Franklin & Marshall will not be involved in the billing process.

Students who receive a federal Pell Grant should ask the F&M Office of Financial Aid if they will receive Pell Grant funding for their summer off-campus study program. All other F&M financial aid is typically not eligible to be used for summer programs.

Students may apply for F&M Summer Travel Awards, F&M summer departmental awards, and other external scholarships for funding assistance for summer programs (see OCS Scholarships & Grants below).

Program Consortium Agreements

If you will be applying federal financial aid to an off-campus study program, you will be required to complete a "Consortium Agreement" as part of a federal requirement to have your funds released.

You will receive information from the F&M Office of Financial Aid when it is time for you to complete this process. You will also receive guidance from F&M Off-Campus Study to help you navigate the steps. It is very important that you pay attention to any emails that mention this requirement so that your federal aid can be applied to your off-campus study term.

F&M Financial Aid Questions

If you have questions regarding your specific financial aid package at F&M, please email the Financial Aid Office at financialaid@fandm.edu.

F&M Student Account & Billing Questions

If you have any questions regarding your student account, please email the Billing & Student Accounts Office at studentaccounts@fandm.edu.

Semester Fin Aid Video

A short video detailing semester tuition expectations, how to compare costs of OCS programs, financial aid, and scholarship opportunities.

Summer Fin Aid Video

A short video detailing summer program cost expectations, how to compare costs of OCS programs, and scholarship opportunities. 

OCS Semester Costs Calculator

Click the button below and DOWNLOAD the OCS Cost Worksheet. Input any financial aid you receive as well as any non-tuition costs for the program you are interested in. You may complete a worksheet for each program you are considering in order to compare costs across programs.

Download OCS Cost Worksheet

OCS Scholarships & Grants

Review our collection of potential scholarships for summer, semester, and academic year off-campus study programs. Though not exhaustive, the list does offer a wide range of scholarship possibilities. Many scholarships have early deadlines so be sure to start early and plan accordingly.