Facilities Management & Campus Planning


Facilities Management is committed to providing excellent customer service that focuses on sustainable practices while balancing campus safety initiatives with sound resource management. We believe in the mission of Franklin & Marshall College and work to make the campus a safe, clean, and sustainable place to explore, experience and engage.

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Facilities Management & Campus Planning is the largest F&M department with over 90 dedicated employees.  

The Service Response Center (SRC) is the command center for Facilities Management.


 The Facilities Management team comprises 6 key service areas:

     Campus Planning

     Custodial Services

     Grounds & Landscaping

     Mail & Warehouse Services

     Maintenance Services

     Utilities & Infrastructure





Service Response Center

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Service Areas

Campus Planning

New Construction & Campus Projects

Custodial Services

Cleaning Schedules Chemicals & Protocols

Grounds & Landscaping

Trees, Turf & Foliage

Mail & Warehouse Services

Mail & Packages for all FPS & Students

Maintenance Services

Carpentry, Electrical, HVAC, Locks/Keys & Plumbing

Utilities & Infrastructure

Keeping campus comfortable and electrified

Guidelines and Protocols

There are many guidelines and protocols that helps Facilties Management & Campus Planning provide quality service to the campus community.   By working together, we can ensure that the campus buildings are running safely and efficiently for all students, faculty and professional staff.

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Air Quality/Mold Remediation Protocol

FacilitiesManagement continually strives to ensure that all buildings are clean and healthy spaces to live, work, and play.  When there are areas of campus that experience water intrusion it can impact the space with mildew growth and affect the air quality.  The following protocol is in place for the campus community and Facilities personnel to work together to remedy any issues on campus.


Campus Temperature Protocol

Temperature control of campus spaces is an integral part of the Sustainability Plan for Franklin and Marshall College.  Standardizing temperature settings by season saves energy and money that can be reallocated to future energy upgrades and fund sustainability projects.


Pest Management Protocol

Facilities Management partners with J.C Ehrlich to alleviate pest issues on campus.  In many cases we are able to treat issues with use of chemicals.  However we have strong protocols in place to deal with invasive pests and bed bugs.


Campus Snow Removal Guidelines

Snow instantly turns the campus into a winter wonderland!  However, anytime there is a snow event on campus, it is Faciltiies Management's primary focus to ensure the safety of all faculty, staff, and students.  We have divided the campus into key areas and priortized snow removal plans around that priority, depth of snow, and timing of the storm. 


Key Management Protocol

Campus safety is directly related to how well campus keys are safeguarded by members of the campus community.  This protocol addresses key safety, missing and lost keys, and how to request new or replacement keys. 


Biohazard Cleaning Protocol

Custodial Services will respond 24 hours/7 days a week to all reports of bodily fluid and biohazards on campus.  Our goal is to react as quickly as possible to ensure a safe living and learning environment on campus.


Space Modifications & Upholstered Furniture Guidelines

While we seek to help students and professional staff find a way to create a sense of home in their residential space and offices, we require faculty, staff and students limit that to decorations and  belongings that will not damage the facility.