Bonchek College House

We are an active House with rich traditions of strong student leadership, dedication to community service and outreach, and sponsorship of social events that rock!

Prominent in College lore for initiating the popular F&M tradition of weekly bagel breakfasts, when members of each house gather "to talk about whatever" — recent events or speakers on campus, favorite books, movies, TV shows and, yes, bagels — Bonchek College House is noted, too, for several traditions that involve the larger community, as well. Among these is the Community Outreach Dinner, for which residents each semester donate their unused meal swipes in order to host a dinner for members of the Lancaster community. Bonchek College House also hosts the F&M Classy Ball, the College's largest house-sponsored dance  each year. 

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House Colors

Gold and crimson red

House Symbol

The lanter bringing F&M's "Lux et Lex" or "light and law" to all.

House Motto

We live together.
We learn together.
We laugh together.

House Mascot

Red Tailed Hawk

Bonchek House Crest

Bonchek Don & Dean

Christine Piro

Christine P Piro

Associate Professor of Chemistry
Bonchek College House Don

Beth Proffitt

Beth Proffitt

Assistant Dean of Student Affairs
Bonchek College House Dean

Bonchek House Government

Bonchek was the first college house to elect a House government (March 6, 2006), when it established its first Congress. Discover were our House government is today.

About Bonchek

Discover more about our history, traditions and innovations, our leaders, and more.

House Rules

Upon entering the Bonchek House community, one should behave appropriately and respect fellow housemates. Everyone has the right to a comfortable and safe living environment. Learn more about our house rules.

Bonchek Loan Program

The Bonchek Loan Program allows Bonchekers to borrow a number of items, saving them the hassle of having to purchase their own. Perhaps you want to vacuum your room, play a game of Boggle, use a screwdriver, or borrow a cart. If so, let the Bonchek Loan Program come to the rescue! To borrow an item, come by the Bonchek Kitchen between 6-9:30 pm, seven days a week. Our House Managers will be there between 6-7 and on standby (email to obtain items) from 7-9:30, ready to help you check out (and return) items.

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